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Tillerson blames North Korea for its sanctions suffering

Tillerson blames North Korea for its sanctions suffering

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Wednesday that North Korea is responsible for the suffering of North Korean people from international economic sanctions imposed over its nuclear weapons. He voiced skepticism that humanitarian aid to alleviate that suffering would reach the people who need it. Tillerson said, “It’s an unacceptable outcome that Kim is making that choice, and we’re not going to take any responsibility for the fact that he’s choosing to make his own people suffer.” Tillerson …
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Embrace the Bold North in Minneapolis for Super Bowl

Minneapolis is the northernmost city to host a Super Bowl. Tourism officials are making the most of that as they prepare to welcome visitors to the “Bold North.” Many activities surrounding Super Bowl will take advantage of Minnesota’s wintry weather, including outdoor concerts, ice sculptures and opportunities for winter sports. Super Bowl events will be held around the metro area during the week leading up to the Feb. 4 game at U.S. Bank Stadium. The city’s unique skyway system of enclosed fo…
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VIDEO: Fishermen leap overboard before being hit by oncoming boat

CLATSOP COUNTY, Ore. – Video captured three people fishing in Oregon jumping overboard to avoid being injured when another boat smashed into their vessel. The three were on the Columbia River last summer when they could see a motorboat bearing down on their position. More News Headlines Woman dies after casino boat fire in Florida Boat owners see insurance premiums rise after Hurricane Irma Boatyard bandits make off with expensive marine gadgets Boat sinking mars another cruise ship excurs…
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