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Shark Tagging

Shark Tagging

This slideshow requires JavaScript. I had this captivating biology teacher—a real firecracker who could go on and on about exotic animals and plants from all over the world. His enthusiasm was contagious. However, the information he delivered (exciting as it was) was never significant to me as a student sitting in his classroom. For that reason, I always felt like something was missing. Twenty years later, I’m the one at the front of the classroom, driven by the philosophy that students lea…
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Fight over access to state boat ramps continues

Vermont lawmakers and wildlife authorities continue the debate surrounding access rights to the state’s public boat launches. Vermont Public Radio reports the state Department of Fish & Wildlife manages more than 180 boat launches. The general public is prohibited from using the sites for anything other than boating and fishing. The sites are financed through federal and state funding. Democratic Rep. David Deen says the boat launches should be available to all Vermonters who pay state and …
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Miami’s iconic offshore Stiltsville survived Hurricane Irma

By Jennifer Kay, Associated Press Friday, Nov. 24, 2017 | 9:17 a.m. MIAMI — Stiltsville, a stubborn relic of Miami’s less-glitzy past as a sun-soaked outpost, has survived Hurricane Irma’s brutal winds and waves, much to the surprise of the landmark’s caretakers and fans. Perched at the edge of sea grass flats where the turquoise waters of Biscayne Bay meet the dark and choppy Atlantic Ocean, the cluster of wooden shacks has no protection from killer storms. But when Irma’s clouds cleared in …
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Where one predator meets another: tracking sharks and fishing effort

Technology above the clouds is helping scientists study sharks beneath the waves. A new initiative combines shark movement data with publicly available vessel identification data—both transmitted to researchers via satellite—to identify where sharks and fishing activity intersect in time and space. A predator of sharks As the ocean’s top predators, sharks play an essential role in marine ecosystems. They tend to reproduce slowly, and high rates of catch-related mortality may help to expla…
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