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Florida's fishing girls of Instagram

Florida’s fishing girls of Instagram

Florida fisherwomen can reel in the big ones just like their male counterparts. And they’re taking to social media to prove it. Several female South Florida anglers share their catches of the day on social-media networks, particularly Instagram, attracting thousands of followers. Don’t be fooled by their slim bodies and skinny arms. These girls can fight blue marlin, swordfish, mahi, tuna, sailfish and more. “A lot of people are really doubtful. You definitely have to prove yourself. You …
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Baby eel lottery is a go in Maine, where elver fishing pays

Maine is implementing a new lottery system for licenses to fish for baby eels, which are worth more than $1,000 per pound on the worldwide sushi market. Baby eels, called elvers, are a major fishery in Maine, where fishermen sell them to dealers so they can be sent to Asian aquaculture companies to be raised to maturity and used as food. But industry members and lawmakers have said the fishery needs a way to bring new people into the business because many elver fishermen are nearing retirement …
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Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine tours Florida amid rumors of gubernatorial bid

Tags: Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, miami beach, florida governor, Image…
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Historical Vignettes: Smokehouse Sally, popular restaurateur, Part 1

  Many people through the years have moved to Martin County to retire and enjoy a more leisurely lifestyle. There are some, however, like Sally and Bill Peters who relocated to the little community to establish a profitable business in a small friendly town. ] Actually the couple had owned and operated the popular Mrs. Peters Smoked Fish, an eatery in Miami for decades, but  decided to relocate to Rio, Florida in 1958. Bill’s wife, known as “Smokehouse Sally,” would be the driving force i…
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