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Fish and Game proposes fee increases, price lock

Fish and Game proposes fee increases, price lock

BOISE — Idaho Fish and Game officials plan to ask the Idaho Legislature to approve a price increase on resident licenses, tags and fees for 2018. Fish and Game proposes fee increases, price lock By IDAHO PRESS-TRIBUNE STAFF The Miami County Republic | 0 comments The increases would range from $1 to $6, but the agency is also giving residents a chance to avoid paying increased fees by purchasing a license each year starting in 2017. An online service is needed to v…
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Famous fisherman hauls in kilo of cocaine off Miami coastline

MIAMI – A sport fisherman hauled in a big one, and it had nothing to do with ocean creatures. Mark Quartiano, AKA “Mark the Shark,” was about 2 miles off the coast of Miami Wednesday when he came upon a bundle bobbing in the water. Upon closer inspection, the bundle turned out to be a kilo of cocaine. (WARNING: The following video contains language that some may feel is inappropriate) Using a net, a member of Quartiano’s crew retrieves the drugs. Quartiano contacted the…
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Mark the Shark Finds Floating Brick of Cocaine While Fishing Off Miami

“Nothing to see here! ” famed charter captain Mark “the Shark” Quartiano hollered this morning as his crew scooped what appears to be a bale of cocaine out of the waters off Miami. The love-him-or-hate him shark fisherman, profiled earlier this year by New Times, was taking clients fishing around 8 a.m. when he noticed something bobbing in the water and turned back. His first mate used a net to bring the green, barnacle-studded package aboard the Striker-1. It was about a foot-and-half by …
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Underwater Maryland canyon could see new protections

Less than 60 miles off the coast of Maryland, the ocean is peppered with bubblegum corals and mahi mahi in the Baltimore Canyon — one of 70 similar formations in the Atlantic created by ancient rivers. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is working to preserve this unique marine environment that reaches more than 11,600 feet deep — about 8.5 times the height of New York’s One World Trade Center — and is pushing to designate the area as the nation’s first urban national marine sanctuary. Th…
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Fisherman Finds Kilo of Cocaine in Waters Off Miami

Fisherman Finds Kilo of Cocaine in Waters Off Miami Charter boat captain Mark “The Shark” Quartiano says he was about a mile off Government Cut when he snagged a kilo of cocaine Wednesday. Quartiano posed for a photo with the kilo but said he turned it in to the U.S. Coast Guard….
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