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Closure of Seattle tackle shop sign of changing times

Closure of Seattle tackle shop sign of changing times

There was a time when small, locally owned tackle shops dotted the downtown Seattle landscape, a sight that would make Starbucks jitter with envy. Before and through most of the 20th century, places such as Linc’s Tackle Shop, a mom-and-pop operation on the corner of Rainier Avenue and King Street, were gathering places, like an old barber shop where people would exchange fish tales. Now closure is looming for this nostalgic tackle shop — one of a handful remaining in greater Puget Sound regi…
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Truckloads of baby fish hauled to river in restoration plan

These speckled, rose-tinted fish haven’t been spotted in this bubbling river in remote northeastern Oregon for more than 30 years — until now. But this week, the waters of the Lostine River suddenly came alive as hundreds of the 4- and 5-inch-long juvenile coho salmon shot from a long white hose attached to a water tanker truck and into the frigid current. The fish jumped and splashed and some, momentarily shell-shocked, hid along the bank as onlookers crowded in for photos. “All of us a…
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