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Baltic cod fishermen get better quotas than science wants

Baltic cod fishermen get better quotas than science wants

With Baltic cod drawing closer to the edge of commercial extinction, the European Union on Monday set tougher catch quotas for fishermen but stayed well above targets sought by scientists and environmentalists. After all-day negotiations in Luxembourg, the EU fisheries ministers agreed on a 56 percent quota cut for the western Baltic cod caught off Denmark and Germany, while scientists were pushing for the quota to be cut by about 90 percent. Officials said Denmark was pushing hard to safeguard…
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Seoul protests to Beijing over sinking of coast guard vessel

Seoul officials said Monday they’ve lodged a formal complaint with Beijing accusing Chinese fishing boats of ramming and sinking a South Korean coast guard vessel. The sinking happened on Friday when South Korean coast guard officers were trying to stop about 40 Chinese fishing boats from suspected illegal fishing off South Korea’s west coast. No causalities or injuries were reported, according to South Korea’s coast guard. One coast guard officer was on the South Korean vessel rammed by two Ch…
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