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79-foot fishing vessel runs aground off Oahu, 20 men rescued

79-foot fishing vessel runs aground off Oahu, 20 men rescued

The U.S. Coast Guard rescued 19 foreign fishermen and their American captain from a 79-foot (24-meter) U.S.-flagged commercial fishing vessel that ran aground off the shore of Waikiki Tuesday night. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Sara Muir said Wednesday that officials are working to get diesel fuel off the boat, which carries 13,000 gallons (49,210 liters) of gas and hydraulic oils. There was no sign that any fuel or other hazardous materials had leaked into the water, Muir said. Officials di…
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You won’t need live bait anymore with this invention

Anglers want live bait to catch as much as you can out there. But it’s not always easy to snag a small, live fish, is it? Help is on the way from Boston based startup Magurobotics: Zombait. A play on the words “zombie” and “bait,” this newfangled tool is a robotic fishing lure which makes dead bait look alive and swimming. Just insert a Zombait electronic lure into the mouth of a dead fish, attach your hook, and watch it go. Magurobotics launched the device at the fishing expo ICAST i…
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