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They took a break from work. But things have changed so much, they're getting some help

They took a break from work. But things have changed so much, they’re getting some help

Gloria Samayoa at SapientNitro’s Miami office has been sifting through résumés as the New York-based digital marketing agency expands its new career return program to her office. The 12-week paid program for advertising professionals, which piloted in New York and Toronto, has spread to Chicago, Atlanta and London. It has led to full-time positions in some of those cities for people — particularly stay-at-home mothers — who had taken time off work and wanted to return. In Miami, Samayoa…
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Could Shipping Container Homes Help Solve Miami’s Affordable Housing Crisis?

The wiring in Berlinda Faye Dixon’s Overtown apartment building was all wrong, but the landlord refused to fix it. And when the complex eventually caught fire, he refused to repair the damage too. She lived in a smoked-out building for weeks before she was eventually able to obtain affordable housing. Around 150 families are in similar situations in Miami. Unable to afford higher rent, they live in buildings wallowing in disrepair. The city is trying to help by taking legal action against landl…
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5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Children Learn Violence From A Young Age

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