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The lawyer's account should've had $135000, the Bar said. It had less than $37.

The lawyer’s account should’ve had $135000, the Bar said. It had less than $37.

Missing money, misused money and healthcare fraud put three South Florida attorneys on the most recent Florida Bar discipline report and out of the legal business for a while. The Miami-Dade and Broward attorneys most recently disciplined by the state Supreme Court, in alphabetical order: ▪  A December emergency suspension order yanked the license of Coral Gables attorney Francisco Aguero (St. Thomas Law School, admitted to the Bar in 2000) until further notice. The Bar said it pursued t…
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Bill to create way to change gender designation clears panel

A panel of Utah lawmakers approved a Republican senator’s plan Monday to create a process for transgender people to legally change their gender designation through the courts, though not without some disagreement. The LGBT rights group Equality Utah said they’re concerned about some revisions in the bill, including a section that requires a person to live in state to make the change. “That’s unconstitutional, you cannot deny out-of-state residents a benefit,” said Cliff Rosky, a member of Equal…
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MDX Loses Toll System Lawsuit; Total Costs for Debacle Could Reach $78 Million

For five years, the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority insisted it was not at fault for the botched open road tolling system that began in 2010, a debacle the authority claims cost it millions in potential revenues. Instead, it blamed its contractor, saying Electronic Transactions Consultants Corp. misled MDX about its abilities and intentionally underbid the contract to design, develop, install and operate the toll enforcement system. ETC sued MDX in 2012 for breach of contract and bad faith, cla…
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Cities, states ban bump stocks after push stalls in Congress

In the immediate aftermath of the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, there was a fevered pitch to ban bump stocks, the device that allowed the shooter’s semi-automatic rifles to mimic the rapid fire of machine guns. With that push stalled at the federal level, a handful of states and some cities are moving ahead with bans of their own. Massachusetts and New Jersey — two states at the time led by Republican governors — as well as the cities of Denver and Columbia, South Carolina…
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Tips And No Tricks

5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is not an accident, you have to play your part...

Children Learn Violence From A Young Age

We may be playing a bigger role then we think in youth violence....

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