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Reach out — US isolationism a useless policy

Reach out — US isolationism a useless policy

The forces of populism and nationalism that surged during the presidential election have fed the misguided perception that Americans no longer are interested in thinking beyond our nation’s land and maritime borders. Fear of foreigners and international cooperation seems to be the new — or not-so-new — vogue. Unfortunately for American isolationists, it’s too late. Eso ya no está de moda. The United States and the vast majority of both developing and industrialized nations have become …
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Legal bills, court costs still rising in Miami developers’ jet-set lawsuit

It’s been three years since a jury came down with a verdict in a sordid lawsuit over a private jet once shared by two of Miami’s flashiest developers, but the legal dispute between Ugo Colombo and Craig Robins continues to grow — as does the money owed by Robins’ Dacra Development Corporation. On Thursday, Judge Michael Hanzman entered a final judgment stating that Dacra Development, an affiliate of Robins’ development corporation, owes Colombo and his CMC Group $1.5 million in legal …
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Prosecutor’s Decision Refuels Death Penalty Debate

TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami/NSF) – It’s one of the more controversial topics not only in the state of Florida, but nationwide. Florida’s death penalty has been roiled by controversy for decades, marred in the past by botched executions — including one that resulted in the retirement of “Old Sparky” — and, more recently, by court rulings condemning the way defendants were sentenced to death. It’s been more than a year since a U.S. Supreme Court ruling, in a case…
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5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is not an accident, you have to play your part...

Children Learn Violence From A Young Age

We may be playing a bigger role then we think in youth violence....

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