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New law will speed recovery of art lost to Nazi looting

New law will speed recovery of art lost to Nazi looting

Heirs trying to recover artwork lost to Nazi looting during World War II will get some help from legislation signed Friday by President Barack Obama. The legislation will extend statutes of limitations for the recovery of that art so the heirs can have their day in court. In recent years, courts have sided with several museums on the issue and blocked family members who believe the art is theirs. “The systematic theft of property by the Nazis during the Holocaust robbed victims and their f…
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Two Attorneys Join Kelley Kronenberg’s Miami Office

While in law school, she was a member on the Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition and served as a Legal Intern with the Miami-Dade State¬†…
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Stormier times for California’s water expected under new law

The first winter storm of 2017 to drop welcome rain over the rivers, pumps, pipes and canals that move California’s water north to south likely will open a new era of tension over how much water goes to fish or farms under a new U.S law. Legislation signed Friday by President Barack Obama dictates that the federal portion of California’s heavily engineered water systems gives agricultural districts and other human users the biggest possible share of the most fought-over resource in a state with…
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5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

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Children Learn Violence From A Young Age

We may be playing a bigger role then we think in youth violence....

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