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Immigrants being held in Oregon jail staged hunger strike

Immigrants being held in Oregon jail staged hunger strike

Pro-immigrant activists and the legal director of the ACLU of Oregon said Friday that officials appear to be breaking state law by holding people for federal immigration authorities at an Oregon jail where several of the detainees this week ended a hunger strike over what they called horrible conditions. They say the deal between the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility, or NORCOR, and a federal agency violates a 1987 Oregon law prohibiting law officers in Oregon from spending public d…
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Trump warns he might not obey Guantánamo, pot provisions in new spending law

President Donald Trump told Congress Friday that he might release detainees held at the Guantánamo Bay prison for suspected terrorists, despite legislation that prohibits transfers of prisoners. He also said he would not feel bound by a restriction in a new spending law that prohibits spending money to enforce federal marijuana laws in states where the drug is legal for medical purposes. Trump noted that the spending bill Congress passed this week contained restrictions on transfers of Guantá…
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Florida criminals who use Bitcoins could now face money laundering charges

Criminals who use the virtual currency known as Bitcoin can be convicted of money laundering under a Florida law passed by lawmakers late on Friday. Both houses approved the bill, which now heads to the desk of Gov. Rick Scott for approval. Lawmakers approved the measure after a Miami judge last year threw out the criminal case against a man accused of selling $1,500 worth of bitcoins he was told was to be used to purchase stolen credit-card numbers online. “Cyber criminals have taken advanta…
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