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British judge to rule on Assange bid to get warrant dropped

British judge to rule on Assange bid to get warrant dropped

A British judge is scheduled to rule Tuesday on Julian Assange’s bid to force Britain to drop a warrant for his arrest, a development that would remove a substantial legal hurdle to his leaving the Ecuadorean Embassy in London that has been his refuge for more than five years. The legal issues surrounding the WikiLeaks founder’s case are complex: ___ WHAT IS BEING DECIDED TUESDAY? Assange’s legal team argued in Westminster Magistrates’ Court on Jan. 26 that a U.K. arrest warrant for Assange sho…
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Report: Lawsuits cost Missouri taxpayers $23 million

Lawsuits against the state of Missouri cost taxpayers at least $23 million last year, according to a new report from Attorney General Josh Hawley. A year-end report from Hawley, a Republican, showed that 16 of the 45 major payouts were related to employee discrimination, including six from cases involving workers at the Missouri Department of Corrections, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported . The report found the state paid out nearly $8.1 million in claims for employment discrimination and ha…
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Ohio Village Might Someday Pay Back $3 Million To Drivers Ticketed By Speed Cameras

Legal arguments, aside, the details of New Miami’s speed cameras were grosser than normal, as the town of 2,500 signed a contract with Optotraffic, a Maryland firm that supplied the cameras, which gave the company 40 percent of the fines from the cameras, leaving New Miami with the rest. “Since the …
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Couple uses law to take possession of abandoned home

A Reno couple used a little-known law to take possession of an abandoned home in an older, upscale part of town where similar brick, Tudor-style homes are selling for more than $400,000. Vickie and Jeff Francovich paid $6,500 in delinquent property taxes on a home in Reno’s Newlands Heights Historic District and started fixing up the home to move in, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported . The cost of the repairs and taxes was more than the house was worth when they found it in 2012, Vickie Francov…
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Five-hour standoff in Little Havana ends with no hostages, no weapons, no arrests

A woman who told police she was held inside a Miami club against her will, and that there were up to a dozen others still inside, set off a five-hour standoff Monday afternoon in which streets were cordoned off, schools were placed on lockdown and snipers readied on rooftops. In the end, no weapons were found, there were no hostages and police said only three people were ever inside Joseph’s Restaurant in Little Havana. Police continued to interview the trio into Monday evening about possible…
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