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'What now?' Gloria Estefan, stars react to deadly Florida high school shooting

‘What now?’ Gloria Estefan, stars react to deadly Florida high school shooting

Celebrities and media personalities took to social media to express their shock and sadness over a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in South Florida that left “many” dead and at least 20 injured on Wednesday. “What now?” asked singer Gloria Estefan, a Miami icon, on Twitter. “Yet again senseless misery is inflicted on the loved ones of innocent victims whose only fear should have been not being able to finish their homework.” Cubs player Anthony Rizzo, who graduated …
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Duterte offers kill bounty for rebels to save on war costs

The Philippine president has offered a nearly $500 bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces to save on anti-insurgency costs and says insurgents are easier to hit than birds because they have bigger heads. President Rodrigo Duterte’s latest crass remarks, which the government issued to reporters late Wednesday, came after human rights groups condemned him this week for saying troops should shoot female communist guerrillas in the genitals to render them “useless.” “You kill an NPA today and I’ll pay you 25,000” pesos, Duterte said in a speech at an air base in central Cebu city, referring to New People’s Army guerrillas. “I was computing that if this drags on for four years, … it’ll be very expensive because it’s war. If I’ll just pay 25,000 for a life, I can save about 47 percent,” he said to laughter from the crowd. There was no elaboration on how he came up with those figures and whether or how the government would pay for claimed kills. Backing up his offer, the brash-talking president encouraged state forces to go for the kill. “If you work really hard to crawl across the forest, you’ll surely be able to shoot even just one. If you can shoot a bird above you, then how much more an NPA whose head is so big?” the brash-talking Duterte said, again eliciting laughter from the crowd. Duterte’s incendiary remarks encourage government forces to commit war crimes instead of instilling a culture of accountability in accordance with international law, Human Rights Watch said. “Duterte’s pronouncements normalize the idea that government security forces can do as they wish to defeat their enemies, including committing summary executions and sexual violence,” said Carlos Conde of the U.S.-based rights group. The volatile president turned up the rhetoric against communist guerrillas after peace talks brokered by Norway collapsed last year when he protested continuing rebel attacks on government forces. When a rebel leader recently warned that the guerrillas could kill one soldier a day, Duterte countered by threatening to kill five rebels daily and offering to train tribesmen as militias and give them bounties to kill the insurgents. Duterte is already under international criticism and is facing a preliminary investigation by the International Criminal Court for thousands of deaths in the war on drugs he initiated after become president two years ago. He has lashed out in his response, including asking why the ICC was focusing on him when atrocities were unraveling elsewhere. “There are Rohingyas who are being slaughtered, but they only chose to indict me. OK, you asked for it, let’s have a trial. I will cross-examine you,” Duterte, a former state prosecutor, said, referring to the Muslims fleeing from violence and persecution in Myanmar.
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Trump: I Am Opposed to Domestic Violence of Any Kind

Trump: ‘Totally Opposed to Domestic Violence’ With the White House still reeling from the Rob Porter scandal, President Trump finally addressed his stance on domestic violence on camera saying he’s “totally opposed to domestic violence and everyone knows it.” President Donald Trump at last broke his silence Wednesday to explicitly denounce domestic violence in the wake of allegations that a top White House aide had abused two former wives. Chief of staff John Kelly, under fire for mis…
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Sweep targets street gang directed from California prison

Authorities arrested 31 people Wednesday who they said are connected to a violent, drug-running multi-state street gang directed from inside one of California’s most notorious prisons. The massive sweep by more than 750 law enforcement federal, state and local officers netted 29 suspects on drug and weapons charges across 10 Northern California counties. Two others were arrested in Pittsburgh and the Medford, Oregon, area. The operation was directed by two inmate members of the Northern Structu…
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Trump breaks silence on domestic abuse, Kelly out of sight

President Donald Trump at last broke his silence to explicitly denounce domestic violence in the wake of allegations that a top White House aide had abused two former wives. Chief of staff John Kelly, under fire for mishandling the matter, stayed largely out of sight, his future in doubt and the White House in tumult. The chaos surrounding the departure of aide Rob Porter put a harsh spotlight on Kelly, the retired general who was brought on last summer to instill military-like discipline in th…
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