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Panel OKs funding cut for domestic violence, assault victims

Panel OKs funding cut for domestic violence, assault victims

Money used on services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault in Iowa would be reduced under a budget bill proposed Wednesday by Republicans, who argue federal funding will shield victims from the cuts aimed at people who staff the services. A GOP-led budget committee approved spending about $1.4 million less on victim assistance grants distributed through the Iowa Attorney General’s office. The spending bill, one of several, is expected to have more procedural votes over several d…
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Gang Alternative works with Miami police to prevent violence in the streets

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the violence in our community and that there are many organizations partnering with law enforcement to help make a difference in directing our youth to make good sound decisions, showing them that violence is not the answer. Today, I am going to share with you a program that is reaching out with a new approach, bringing the neighborhood together. Gang Alternative, a pro-family, character-building organization aimed at preventing gang violence in Miami, has p…
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British official: South Sudan violence is tribal genocide

South Sudan’s violent conflict is now genocide that is being perpetrated along tribal lines, a senior British official said, urging foreign leaders to do more to force the country’s government to end the conflict in which tens of thousands of people have been killed. Priti Patel, the U.K. secretary of state for international development, said in an interview late Wednesday that there are “massacres taking place, people’s throats being slit” amid what she called a “scorched earth policy” in the …
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