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One person detained in railroad line theft

One person detained in railroad line theft

Officer Joe Sheen flies down Keowee Street in his Dayton Police cruiser, makes a hard left turn and then throttles upward of 60 mph on East Third Street. He doesn’t say a word, dodging other drivers, before jamming the vehicle into park sideways in front of a house on Irwin Street. He bounds past the toys in the yard and the Halloween decorations on the front door and races up to a second-floor bedroom where an unconscious man is on the carpet. As heroin and its many substitutes course th…
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UNICEF calls for end to ‘dire’ situation in Aleppo

UNICEF’s representative in Syria called Saturday for an end to the violence that has beset northern Aleppo, causing “dire” humanitarian and psychological impacts on both sides of the divided city. U.N. agencies are on “standby” to deliver needed assistance, Hanaa Singer of the U.N.’s children agency told The Associated Press. The U.N. Security Council is expected to vote later Saturday on rival Syria resolutions sponsored by France and Russia. Both are virtually certain to b…
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Tips And No Tricks

5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is not an accident, you have to play your part...

Children Learn Violence From A Young Age

We may be playing a bigger role then we think in youth violence....

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