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Israeli police arrest 9 following Palestinian truck attack

Israeli police arrest 9 following Palestinian truck attack

Israeli police stepped up security measures in Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem on Monday, searching trucks and arresting relatives of the Palestinian truck driver who rammed his vehicle into a crowd of Israeli soldiers at a Jerusalem tourist spot the previous day, killing four soldiers and injuring 17 others. Nine people were arrested, five of them relatives of 28-year-old Fadi Qunbar, the attacker. All arrested were from the Jabel Mukaber neighborhood of east Jerusalem where Qunbar lived,…
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Enough violence

Fabiola Santiago wrote a touching and insightful article on Jan. 4 regarding the high numbers of victims of gun violence in Miami-Dade’s poorest communities. She made an excellent point mentioning that if this level of violence was occurring in wealthier communities, the National Guard would have been deployed and the violent crimes solved. Right below Santiago’s column, there was a story about the fatal police shooting of an unarmed young black man in West Perrine. Jamar Rollins was only 2…
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West Bank settlements no excuse for violence

The U.N. should spend its time trying to convert the mindset of the Palestinian Authority, Fatah, and Hamas, rather than waste time on Israeli settlements. Were the West Bank settlements the reason the Arabs attacked Israel in 1948, when the U.N. resolution established Arab segments and the Jewish state? Were the West Bank settlements the reason in 1964 when the PLO and its 29-clause charter were created? Clause 24 stated, “This organization does not exercise any sovereignty in the West Bank …
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Pakistani groups note drop in violence, credit the military

Two Pakistani research groups have noted that the country saw a significant drop in militant violence last year, crediting the military for the decrease in attacks. The two Islamabad-based groups say that large-scale military operations in the lawless tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, in the chaotic port city of Karachi and the sparsely populated Baluchistan province are behind the drop. But for the trend to continue, they say, authorities need to disband sectarian and anti-Indian extremist…
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Gun violence

Robert Pickford’s letter of Jan. 5, “Chicago fire,” made my blood boil! This is so typical of gun advocates, saying guns are not the cause but the means of the violence. That’s like saying too many cars are not the cause of traffic jams. It’s not that simple! It’s too many guns and too many gangs and, of course, a lack of leadership on all sides. All of those things must be corrected or the violence will never stop. But then when he said that our first black president did not give t…
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