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Florida engineer fatally stabbed at house party, left outside to die

Florida engineer fatally stabbed at house party, left outside to die

Police are hunting for answers in the stabbing of a nuclear engineer at a Florida house party, who was attacked and then left outside to die. Alexander Restrepo, a nuclear engineer at the Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Station, died Saturday from multiple stab wounds to the back, NBC Miami reported. Miami-Dade Police Detective Argemis Colome said the 33-year-old Florida native was getting ready to leave the home just before 3 a.m. when a confrontation erupted and escalated into violence. “Th…
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Draft UN resolution would condemn attacks on Rohingyas

Associated Press Britain has circulated a draft U.N. resolution that would condemn violence that has sent more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims fleeing from Myanmar to Bangladesh and call on Myanmar’s government to immediately halt military operations in Rakhine state. If adopted by the Security Council, the resolution would be the first in many years on Myanmar. But diplomats say it faces opposition from China, a neighbor and ally of the country formerly known as Burma which is shifting from deca…
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Database seeks to highlight attacks on energy infrastructure

An oil and gas industry group is seeking to highlight what it says is an increase in protester attacks on energy infrastructure such as oil pipelines through an online database cataloguing incidents of “eco-terrorism, sabotage, arson, vandalism and violence.” The Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance announced the database through its affiliated Energy Builders coalition Wednesday, two days after a bipartisan group of 84 members of Congress sent a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions…
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AP Explains: Why Kenya is voting again for president

Kenyans vote Thursday in a repeat presidential election that has East Africa’s economic power on edge once more. The Supreme Court shocked Africa last month by nullifying the president’s re-election citing illegalities and irregularities. The opposition leader has since dropped out of the race, saying adequate reforms haven’t been made. Top election officials say they can’t guarantee the vote will be credible. The elections are set to take place amid fears of intimidation and violence. Who know…
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Video game enabling fantasy pipeline attacks draws fire

A video game developed by a Michigan State University assistant professor supports “eco-terrorism” by enabling players to zap imaginary oil pipelines with lightning bolts, an industry group said Wednesday, although the designer countered that it’s not meant to incite violence. “Thunderbird Strike” is based on an indigenous cultural figure called a thunderbird, said Elizabeth LaPensee, who led the project. It traces the bird’s path through areas of Canada and Michigan where oil production and tr…
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