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After Roof trial, SC addressing faith, violence intersection

After Roof trial, SC addressing faith, violence intersection

The federal trial of the South Carolina man who slaughtered nine Bible study participants has come and gone, with Dylann Roof’s death sentence assuring he will spend the rest of his limited days in custody. But the June 2015 shootings at Emanuel AME continue to prompt a conversation about the uneasy intersection of faith and gun violence, as thousands of worshippers around South Carolina gather this weekend to memorialize crime victims and call for reform. It isn’t just the church slaughter tha…
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Young survivors: A WLRN project on the unspoken trauma of gun violence

For Aaron Willis, a Booker T. Washington High student partially paralyzed by an unknown shooter in Wynwood, putting his life back together has proven a grueling emotional challenge — both for him and his family. Willis is one of hundreds of young people in Miami-Dade County who have survived bullet wounds, an experience that leaves psychological scars that have not been well-researched. In a special projected Young Survivors: The Unspoken Trauma of Gun Violence, WLRN-Miami Herald News chronic…
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