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5 Keys To A Happy Marriage

5 keys to a happy marriageIt’s common knowledge that a disproportionate number of marriages end in divorce. But why? Why do people who’ve loved each other with such passion suddenly become “mortal enemies”? Well… we don’t care!

Yes that’s right… we don’t care why marriages end… We care about a happy marriage! And here are 5 keys to a happy marriage.

Happy Marriage Key Number 1

Appreciation: We are constantly barraged by a number of things going on in our lives. Whether with children, deadlines or family, we often forget to stand still and give our partner the appreciation he or she deserves. A simple “thank you” or “I love you” will go a long way in keeping a relationship strong.

Happy Marriage Key Number 2

Changing: Don’t try to “change” your partner. It is human nature to resist change. Constantly trying to make your spouse “behave” differently or nagging will only cause friction and tension between you. Try educating him or her instead. Set a time and share your thoughts and feelings about the “offending” behaviour and explain in a rational unemotional way, why you find the change is needed and listen to what your partner has to say. This may help you see things in a different perspective.

Happy Marriage Key Number 3

Trust: Don’t automatically assume that your partner is doing something wrong and throw accusations. This could only make the situation worse. Take the time to talk and explain your anxieties or troubles with your partner. Jealousy has never been a good advisor.

Happy Marriage Key Number 4

Sharing Responsibilities: Don’t dump all the “work” on your partner while you take care of all the “fun” stuff. Help with the dishes, take out the garbage etc. Recent studies have shown that couples who don’t divide the work equally tend to be more resentful of each other.

Happy Marriage Key Number 5

Tolerance: Without tolerance there you have no basis for a happy marriage. We all have our idiosyncrasies, and if we need to learn to be more tolerant of each other. 

Learn to accept and live with the little things that don’t matter and don’t let them obscure your ultimate goal… A Happy Marriage !

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5 Keys to a Happy Marriage

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