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Welcome To The Non-Violence Project Miami

The Non-Violence Project has a mission to use knowledge as the best weapon against violence. The Project exists to significantly change attitudes about violence among the youth. We strive to teach alternatives to violent behavior, and to motivate and engage young people in positive action to make our communities safer and healthier.

The Project is committed to the idea that only the efforts of young people combined with those of community based organizations, law enforcement and other government agencies, private sector funders, schools, and parents will stem the tide of youth violence. The Project constantly strives to build strong, effective collaborations to get people involved in ways that directly support young people.  

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Walk Away From Trouble

Walking away from a potentially dangerous situation does not make you a coward. Don’t confront, this can only make a bad situation worse. There is no justification for accepting abuse. Talk to others, make them aware of your situation. 

1. We believe Miami is the most beautiful city in the world, let’s keep it safe together. Report strange and unsual behaviour to your nearest law enforcement authority and let them deal with it. 

2. Your health is your most important asset in life, don’t risk it in a violent confrontation, if possible simply walk away. Let’s all work together for a better and more tolerant Miami. We can not do it without your help. NVP Miami is a continual work in progress, so visit us often.

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