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Maine's influential lobster fishing group has a new leader

Maine’s influential lobster fishing group has a new leader

One of the most influential commercial fishing groups in New England is handing over its top position to a new leader for the first time in almost three decades. The Maine Lobstermen’s Association has elected Kristan Porter of Cutler to replace David Cousens of South Thomaston. Cousens served as president since 1991. Porter took over on Friday during a meeting at the Maine Fishermen’s Forum. Porter had previously been vice president of the group. Cousens stepped down from his position on good t…
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Seakeeper 2 delivers stability for sub-30′ boats

“It eliminates up to 95 percent of boat roll and will be popular with recreational outboard craft looking for stability, safety and a pleasant day on the water for all, no matter the conditions. Judging from the response in Miami, the Seakeeper 2 will prove very popular in Australia where this segment represents the largest community of boat owners, and it’s only growing. Outboard boats are also getting even larger and packed with more features.” It’s effective at all boat speeds, inclu…
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